4 Steps to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter has just begun! Although we are experiencing gorgeous sunny weather, including a warm Christmas, days are noticeably shorter. Here are some tips for brightening up your home this winter:

  • Paint an accent wall – Choose a bright warm color and paint only one wall, maybe the living room or dining room. This will add a pop of color to the room. 
  • Stock up on some house plants – Adding greenery to your home will snap you out of those winter blues. Succulents and aloe plants are very popular in the winter as they are low maintenance and don’t require a ton of sunlight. 
  • Replacing heavy curtains with blinds – Let some natural sunlight into your home with the pull of a cord! Heavy curtains might be decorative but they will definitely darken up a room. The blinds are adjustable and let just the right amount of lighting in. 
  • Change out your light bulbs – Warm colored lighting may be cozy but to add some extra “sunlight” time to your home, switch your bulbs out to the brighter Natural Daylight bulbs. Also check out LED bulbs which are more energy efficient.
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